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Highly experienced in leading transformations in moving environments, mainly in global market information and business analysis, we are passionate about leveraging data (through game changer innovations)…

… to create immediate value and growth opportunities.

Data Of Big Interest provides an innovative approach based on a 360 degrees of data, to provide the most effective responses.


We can advise you, we can assist you, we can also put our hands in the dough, DoBI intervenes in all areas of the data in perfect harmony with your most strategic issues.

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Avant il y avait la donnée, mais ça c’était avant.

L’article qui suit est le premier d’une série sur la data. L’objectif étant d’illustrer simplement toutes les dimensions de la donnée: émergence, typologie, fiabilité, sécurité, référentiel, gouvernance, valeur, confiance, nouveaux services,… Autant …